ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation successfully conducted 14th edition of Serena Hotels Chief of Air Staff $25,000 International Squash Championship 2015 at Mushaf Mir Squash Complex.

The successful holding of the event should have made PSA, World Squash Federation and Asian Squash Federation realise that Pakistan is completely safe for all kinds of sporting activities. Egyptians M Abouelghar, the champion, and runners up Omar Abdel Meguid and all the others were full of praise for the organisers. Champion Abouelghar even termed Pakistan's visit as the best of his entire career.

But sadly no one from the world bodies bothered to send representatives to witness what was on offer in Pakistan. They missed the warm hospitality and a chance to know the actual situation in a country, which has ruled squash world for more than 37 years. The land of champions was waiting to accord a warm welcome to them but they didn't show up, which shows biased attitude of the world squash bodies. It is not fair to restrict Pakistan for holding low-key events only.

The way Pakistan Squash Federation conducted the event, and rendered the facilities to players was highly admirable and they already requested the PSA to allocate more events to Pakistan.

Pakistan deserves much better treatment form WSF and PSA and they must not create hurdles in letting Pakistan conduct bigger events. If players showed keen interest in $25,000 events and turn up in quite few numbers despite other PSA events with more attractive prize money on offer, then why not let Pakistan host high profile events.

Pakistan Open was a trade mark event in world of squash and world's best and top players feel it an honour to play in the mega prize money events. The PSA must better events to home of world's greatest champions. Pakistan Open is the need of the hour. If WSF or PSA or ASF had sent their representatives or WSF president Alex Goff, rather than sitting in UK, turned up to witness CAS International in Islamabad, he would have allowed Pakistan to conduct $100,000 or higher price money events without any hesitation.

The way players spoke about the security and looked satisfied with the facilities and accommodation being provided to them speaks itself volumes. Now is the time the PSA must shun double-standards and immediately lift negative warning regarding traveling to Pakistan and instead urge PSA member players to participate in numbers as Pakistan squash needs world's all out help.

Pakistan Air Force along with other security agencies helped not only in providing fool-proof security but also ensured nobody had any sort of complaints regarding entrance to the Mushaf Mir Complex. There were few minor drawbacks on the part of the federation as they should have provided better facilities to media persons and spectators but it doesn't mean the event was a flop.

The standard of the referring was also of top level. WSF referee Jamshed Gul Khan and M Fayyaz did a tremendous job. It also added to the credibility of the event as other countries, which hold international events, face heavy criticism regarding poor refereeing.

Another proof of world's best players interest in playing in Pakistan is that only Abouelghar would be missing from next months $25,000 President Gold Cup International Squash Championship, which would be held at the same venue and that too because Abouelghar had already committed to other events. All the other players including top USA players and Austrian players would be coming to play in Pakistan.

Serena Hotels deserve praise for lending helping hand to federation but it is the time more sponsors should come forward. PIA had played a key role in helping Pakistani players in the past by offering them free tickets. But since long, they had withdrawn this facility, which has badly affected the players. The prime minister must order PIA MD to allocate quota for top players.

The next high-profile event is round the corner and once again top players Aamir Atlas and Farhan Zaman would be missing in the event. The world team championship is hardly two months away. Pakistan can't even think about doing well in the mega event without Aamir and Farhan Zaman. Senior Vice President Air Vice Marshal (R) Syed Razi Nawab has taken step in the right direction by contacting Aamir Atlas in USA. Aamir is ready to serve country but federation must address his grievances, which would boost Pakistan chances in the mega event.