LAHORE: The criteria for qualifying as an emerging player is to be of significant cricket skill level, and under the age of 23 as of January 1, 2017. Relevant elected regional heads that respective franchises are related to can nominate the top five players from their region in such a category to be included in the Draft. 

According to a statement issued here on Saturday, the franchise may also nominate players from the region or those they have mined from the given region through talent hunts to be included. Further to this, the franchise must include at least one of the regionally relevant Emerging players in the final playing eleven of each match. This is to further encourage and motivate local talent.

The second clarification is on the role of a player-mentor or player-coach. In-keeping with the rules set out last year, the franchises may approach a player of standing for this role. The criteria to qualify as a mentor/coach and player is one who would have been retired from international T20 cricket for at least a year before he plays the first match of the subsequent season of the PSL and must have been consulting or coaching at a competitive level for a competitive team as well.

To further clarify this latter issue, though negotiating with a player to be a mentor/coach as well as a player can be done by any franchise with qualifying players, the team must utilize a regular Draft round (non-Supplementary) pick to be able to use the individual as a player as well, at a reasonable value within his minimum acceptable category. To illustrate, if an individual is signed as a mentor, and has agreed to be in Platinum, but has also accepted relegation to Diamond if not picked as such in Platinum, his mentor role value will be in addition to his base Diamond remuneration. This role has been envisaged to not only attract top level talent from across the world with a long-term perspective, but also to enable teams to creatively pursue talent to strengthen teams and build competencies.