KARACHI - Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan has accorded assent to three bills passed by the Sindh Assembly.

The bills include “Sindh Sacked Employees (Reinstatement) Bill 2016”, “Zulfikarabad Development Authority (Amendment) Bill 2016” and “Sindh Arms (Amendment) Bill 2016”.

According to Sindh Sacked Employees (Reinstatement) Bill 2016, an employer means the Government of Sindh or Department of the Government of Sindh a corporation or organization or autonomous or semi-autonomous body established by or under any law promulgated or enacted by Provincial Assembly of Sindh or Governor of Sindh or owned or controlled by Government of Sindh.

While a sacked employee means a person who was employed as a regular or ad-hoc or on contract basis or otherwise in service of employer or who  was a member of the civil service of the Province of Sindh or who held a civil post in connection with the affairs of the Province of Sindh, or Department and was dismissed, removed or terminated from service during the period from the 3rd day of February, 1997 to the 18th day of February, 2008 (both days inclusive) and who was subsequently re-instated in service at the recommendation of the committee.

The Act the Zulfikarabad Development Authority shall exercise the powers through Governing Body which says that Chief Minister Sindh would be its chairman, while Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary (P&D), Senior Member Board of Revenue, Secretary Finance, Secretary Local Government, Member Land Utilization, its Managing Director, CEO Sindh Land Management and Development Company, two MPAs from relevant Districts and Chairmen District Council Thatta and Sujawal would be its members.

The Sindh Arms (Amendment) Bill 2016 says that the Arms Dealer shall ensure by taking verified thumb impressions of the purchaser from NADRA and taking their CNIC copies and other particulars which will be notified from time to time and shall forward to Forensic Lab, for record keeping.

The Arms Dealer shall, immediately after selling any fire arm weapon, provide the Forensic Lab, two empty cartridges fired from the weapon purchased for registration of ballistic signature. The Arms Dealer shall ensure to register the weapon in the Forensic Lab, along with all particulars which include dealers receipt, make, model, number and ballistic signature particulars etc. The officials in the Forensic Lab shall collect the samples of two empty cartridges or bullets after immediate fire from weapon purchased and shall keep the record. After completion of registration the purchaser shall be allowed to possess the weapon and for further process for registration.