MULTAN-The project for installation of 100 Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification plants in public schools of Multan formally begun with a release of an initial chunk of Rs49 million by the district government here on Friday.

District government sources said that the project cost over Rs120 million and it would be accomplished before the end of current year. The foundation stones of the plants were installed at various public schools on Friday and the sources confirmed that the construction of rooms for installation of RO plants had begun in schools under the supervision of concerned school councils. “Initially each school council is released Rs490,000 and 100 councils have received the funds.” Sources further revealed that two rooms would be constructed in each school for installation of plant and each plant would produce 35,000 litre potable water daily. Sources said that each plant would have two separate water supply portions—-one for public outside the school and the other for students inside the school. The project will not only benefit the students but also the residents of adjoining areas. The district government intends to allocate funds in next budget for installation of plants in the schools in rural areas. The project will be run on public-private partnership basis and the school councils as well as notables of the respective areas will look after the plants.

Meanwhile, the DCO Nadir Chattha carried out a surprise visit of Government Boys High School Sameejabad to inspect the construction work. He said that the biggest problem currently being faced by the residents of Multan was non-availability of clean drinking water. He added that majority of the Multan population consumed poisonous water. “I had made a commitment right after taking charge to resolve water issue on priority basis. Its for the first time in Multan’s history that such a big project for installation of water purification plants has been launched,” he pointed out.