KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that Sindh is most affected from corruption and the people of Sindh would be on forefront in fighting corruption of rulers.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Friday. PTI leaders including Firdous Shamim Naqvi, Khurram Sher Zaman and others were also present on the occasion.

Drawing attention to the PPP led Provincial government corruption in Sindh, PTI leader claim that mega corruption at government level has left the people of province high and dry. He said though corruption is a national phenomenon but in Sindh it has become a plague.

He said the day of October 30 would be a historical day in fight against corruption as PTI chairman Imran Khan has announced to close the capital city of Islamabad on the same day. We are here to invite the people of Sindh to participate in large number to the anti-corruption rally in Islamabad on October 30, he added.

Haleem further said that people of Sindh have always supported Imran‘s slogan of Naya Pakistan-truly welfare country. We want Naya Pakistan, Naya Sindh, Naya Karachi, Naya Nawabshah and Naya Larkana so that the poor people get their due rights and government funds are spent on their welfare instead of going into the pockets of corrupt ruling elite said PTI leader adding that protest of October 30 is unique because in past no political parties has ever given prior call to close the capital city.

He said we are not inviting any political party but instead the workers of all political parties to come to Islamabad on October 30 and raise voice against the corruption of rulers. He warned the rulers that if Islamabad could be closed any other city or town can also be closed.

He said the growers of Sindh are badly affected due to cruelty of corruption mafia. He said after looting and plundering wheat and rice growers the sugar mill mafia is all set to exploit the sugarcane growers this year also.

He said we would not allow this exploitation any more. He said 90000 new jobs are ready to sell in Sindh. He said it is on the record that a PPP education minister of Sindh had sold thousands of jobs of his department. He said a powerful PPP leader of Sukkkur has allegedly built his house on the land of the education department. He said with such a bad track record of provincial government, the people of Sindh are right in thinking that these 90000 new jobs would also be sold.

He said if so it would be another murder of merit and educated and competent students and youth of Sindh would not allow the rulers to do so.  He regretted that the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) has already been scandalized. He said a government that itself is corrupt cannot fight the corruption; that is why we are demanding that the prime minister should immediately step down. He said on October 30 when we assemble in Islamabad we will not return till the corrupt rulers are sent home. 

Speaking on the occasion, PTI Karachi chapter president Firdous Shamim Naqvi said that we tried all available forums and requested political parties to cooperate us in catching the culprits of Panama Leaks, but in vain and now we are left with no option but to agitate on streets. He said that poor and deprived people of all Pakistan support the call of PTI chairman Imran Khan to remove the corrupt rulers.

Furthermore MPA Khurram Sher Zaman added that it seemed that sitting PPP government is Sindh is in league with the corruption mafia. He said some 379 corrupt officers of Sindh have paid about Rs1.25billion to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) under plea bargain.

He regretted that corrupt officers whose guilt is proved beyond any shadow of doubt are still posted on crucial government seats. He said no corrupt person could be a civil servant and the Sindh government by giving postings to these 379 corrupt officers has proved that it is also supporting and sheltering mega corruption in Sindh. He said his party has already submitted an adjournment motion in the Sindh assembly to discuss this crucial issue.