LAHORE - The Urban Unit arranged a seminar on ‘Waste Segregation & Recycling Facilities’ with the purpose to discuss waste segregation and recycling in Pakistani context while seeking expert opinion from Turkey’s leading firms in the business.

The idea is to move beyond landfills in Pakistan through diverting the recyclables and organic wastes for economic recovery. Diverting waste from landfill is one inevitable factor for improving the use of resources and reducing the environmental impacts of waste management. Ahmad Rafay Alam, who is chariman Board of Directors of LWMC, was the chief guest while guest speakers included Principal Aljazari Water and Sanitation Academy Dr Kiran Farhan, LWMC General Manager (Planning) Nusrat Tufail Gill, Waste Busters CEO Asif Farooqi and Deputy General Manager Benli Recycling Group Turkey Ahmet Serkan.

“Punjab is going to establish first of its kind waste segregation and recycling plant in Sahiwal. This is expected to be an innovative treatment and disposal facility that will set the example to be followed by rest of the big urban centres in the province,” said Dr Kiran Farhan after giving presentation on Sahiwal Treat and Disposal Plant.

Rafay Alam said, “It is heartening to see the international companies with great experience and repute coming to Pakistan for knowledge sharing. We must encourage the trend. Secondly, the salary and lifestyle of sanitary workers must be improved for better service delivery.”

Ahmet Serkan said, during his presentation, said: “We have learnt these concepts after several experiments and experiences. The biggest issue is population, waste generated and technology available in a certain country. We started waste segregation by hand initially and all the mechanical revolution came later.

“It is encouraging to see that Pakistan is moving in a direction field of waste management but a lot needs to be done.”

Asif Farooqi from Waste Busters shared his company’s success stories while stressing the need to turn waste into a profitable and economically viable industry that can generate jobs. He said “20 percent of waste generated in Pakistan is recycled and we need to improve this statistic”.