WASHINGTON: Two Pakistani special envoys allegedly tasked with 'drumming up' support for its position on the Kashmir issue in the US continued to play hardball on India. The duo linked the peace in Kabul with stability and peace in Indian Held Kashmir.

"The road to peace in Kabul lies in Kashmir in the sense that when you talk of peace, you cannot compartmentalise peace, you can't segregate a section... ok you can have peace in Kabul and let Kashmir burn. That is not going to happen," Pakistan PM's special envoy on Kashmir Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed told a gathering at the Stimson Center.

Syed's colleague Shezra Mansab also brought in the nuclear dimension, arguing that "Our core issue this time is Kashmir and no peace can prevail in the region, if this issue is not solved," and since India and Pakistan are "nuclear neighbors... we need to have peace on the issue of Kashmir." 

"We request the US to intervene, because it has leverage with India to allow negotiations to start, to end human rights violations in Kashmir, to make sure that the UN resolutions are implemented," Syed said strongly.

The blowback has evidently unnerved the special envoys, and on Thursday Syed raised the issue of India's PM referencing Balochistan, warning that if he continued to do so, Pakistan would respond by "talking of Khalistan, Nagaland, Tripura, Assam, Sikkim or the Maoist insurgency." "We do not want to do that because that is interference in the internal affairs of a neighboring country. You are changing the rules of the game. It becomes tit for tat," he added.