Recently, News18, an Indian news channel, declared to have found the evidence of Indian surgical strikes across the Line of Control. Their claim came in the form of an interview conducted by an Indian reporter, posing as IG Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera, who called Ghulam Akbar, SP Special Branch AJK, in regards to the details of the controversial surgical strikes conducted on 29 September.

During the interview, Akbar confirmed the time and location of the Indian military offensive, endorsing the Indian argument of how they had destroyed multiple terrorist launchpads in AJK.

In an almost hilarious debacle, experts on both sides of the border began showing their skepticism regarding the way it was conducted and its content. Some people have argued that SP Akbar was cornered into agreeing with the stance taken by the interviewer; but the dubiousness regarding the interview does not lie in rhetorical tactics, but in the details communicated by the interviewee. Out of the four locations revealed by SP Akbar, only one falls under his jurisdiction. The other three locations, with some of them being as far as 450 kilometres from his designated post, give rise to doubts whether SP Akbar can be regarded as an authority over those areas. After SP Akbar denied having spoken to anyone over the phone regarding the matter, and contested that the voice in the interview was not his; the entire act came crumbling down like a house of cards.

Previously, spy pigeons, diplomatic lies, and false claims, have all featured in the fictional and often ludicrous narrative concocted by India. It is terribly despicable that ignoring all ethics of responsible journalism, the mentioned news channel has turned towards fraudulent grounds. While previous episodes were scrapped on numerous occasions as being laughable, this fake interview can land News18 in legal trouble and seriously harm its repute, specially as it is affiliated with CNN International.

As soon as one thinks that Modi might want to save himself the embarrassment of having misinformed the public, India comes up with another way to humiliate itself. Perhaps the Indian political narrative has been outsourced to a Bollywood scriptwriter.