During the recent mango season, it became increasingly difficult to buy the fruit due to its highly unaffordable price. The king of fruits is grown in abundance the world over, but mostly in India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Philippines. A wide variety of mangoes, such as Lal Bagh, Badami, Kesar, Daseri, Alphonso, Sindhri, Chaunsa, Saroli, can be seen in the markets. But unfortunately, the price has risen three folds since last year. People who could afford to pay the hike in its price rushed to the markets, but the poor segment of the population was left with nowhere to go. Despite the low yield in the finishing season, the farmers were paid Rs 1.02 lakh per ton as compared to Rs 25,000 - Rs 30,000 the previous year. But only at the expense of the public.

Nations that experience an abundant growth of mangoes should set the price at an affordable mark, so that their populations does nat have to face any difficulty when buying the fruit.


Turbat, September 19.