Indian Singer adnan sami and former Chief Minister of Indian Held kashmir omar abdullah got involved in a war of tweets after omar abdullah shared a tweet addressing the lack of attendees at the beginning of the concert on Dal banks at SKICC in Srinagar on Saturday night.

adnan sami performed for free at the concert "Rhythm in Paradise" in Srinagar. adnan sami received alot of appreciation from the Indian fans.  

According to reports the concert was organized by the Indian Union Home Ministry and the Indian Held kashmir government.


adnan sami responded angrily,

omar reacted by asking sami what made him think that his concert unnerved him.

sami replied by calling abdullah a “sadistic sore”.

To end the matters, abdullah replied,

sami replied, 

In his last Tweet abdullah said, 

 Adnan sami replied, “So you finally realised huh! Der aye durust aye.”

Later he said,