SAMBRIAL - Villagers expressed grave concerns over negligence of Gepco authorities to restore dangling electricity wires in Dhillam Balagan village, a situation which has caused several incidents of electrocution.
Talking to The Nation, they informed about the recent incident of electrocution which had claimed a life. They said that power supply wires burnt a man of Dhillam Balagan village on Friday. Kashif Dhillon, 35, was taking milk to his home from his farm house on a motorbike when he accidentally came in touch with dangling electricity wires and was electrocuted.
Citizens flayed the Gepco authorities over their negligence to rehabilitate the hanging wires in the village. They regretted that they have complained Gepco Bhopalwala sub divisional officer several times about the grave situation but in vain. Villagers demanded the Gepco high-ups take action against the negligent officers and also resolve their problem at the earliest.
It is to be noted that under section 21 of Regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power Act 1997, Gepco is responsible to follow performance standards to protect safety, health and environment. According to chapter 12 of Consumer Service Manual approved by the Nepra, Gepco is liable to monitor and implement safety and security plan to avoid fatal and non-fatal accidents.