Previous experience that people of Pakistan had regarding the President of the country had not been so good. He was always criticized for being so quiet and different memes on social media had remained a trend. There was no interaction between the nation and President which was odd enough. Being President of any organization or State is the head of that institution. His proactive role, media appearances and meetings can motivate the people. 

Dr. Arif Alvi, the newly elected President, recently said that he would play a remarkable role abiding by the constitution of Pakistan. He ensured that he will work with the government, particularly in education and health sector. This is a good gesture as the President to take the people of the country into confidence. As leadership is not just a position or title, it is a practice of setting the precedence. Leader of the State should always ensure his presence in state matters of significance. This would make our people to have that sense of belonging toward their country and the leader. President Arif Alvi must avoid the mistakes committed by his predecessor and need to have a lucid vision in his mind that the people of Pakistan are his responsibility. This would add more sugar to PTI led government if they work together. 


Islamabad, September 25.