KAMALIA - "Measles is a viral disease that can quickly spread through a large community", stated Deputy District Health Officer Kamalia Dr Kashif Nadeem while talking to the media here the other day.

He said that the Punjab Health Department had decided to run a campaign against measles due to the increasing number of measles patients in 2018.

He detailed, "This campaign will start from 15th October to 27th October during which a total of 305 teams of Health Department will cover the District Toba Tek Singh. 217 teams will go door to door while 88 teams will manage the Health Centres to administer measles vaccine injections to the children of six months to seven years of age." He urged that the parents should get their children vaccinated against measles to keep them out of any harm.

anti-encroachment steps commended

The ongoing operation against encroachments across Punjab is highly commendable, said CEO Jutt Poultry Traders Ch Tahir Jutt.

Talking to media in his office here, he said: "Wherever a piece of state land is occupied, it is imperative for the government to recover it and utilised it immediately for a positive purpose to prevent it falling again into the hands of land grabbers."

Ch Tahir Jutt added that the encroachments alongside the main roads should be removed to reduce the accidents and solve the traffic problems on the main roads.

He urged that the clean-up operation should be completed as quickly as possible to mitigate the public unrest and obstruction in the daily routine of the people caused by the clean-up machinery.