KHANEWAL - The director general of National Vocational and Technical Training Commission has said that the government wants to produce skilled labour. On his visit to Khanewal district, Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi inspected various technical and vocational institutes being run by federal government.

He further said by enhancing the trends of technical trainings, the country could be put on the path to progress and prosperity.

He added, "Youth should come forward and avail the best time by getting trained mostly free of cost to earn livelihood and become useful part of society." He met the heads of institutes of Affsari Vocational Institute, Quaid-e-Azam Institute and Sanat Zaar in Khanewal City and pointed needs and demands according to the area.

Rescue 1122 ready to

combat likely flood

The district emergency officer said the Rescue 1122 was ready to combat likely flood in the district.

Talking to media here, District Emergency Officer Dr Ejaz Anjum claimed that the Rescue 1122 was fully equipped, trained, and ready to face any threat of flood to the areas along the River Ravi. Dr Ejaz revealed that the department had made all necessary preparations in this regard and rehearsal was also conducted.

"Our focus, in case of flood, will be the locality Tulamba where the J-head flood bund may breach in case of high floods so we have deployed a rescue team along the bank and provided them boats", the district emergency officer explained. He said that the rescue personnel were not only ready to protect the area along river but were also trained to rescue the people stuck in flood-hit areas. He advised public to contact them on 1122 in case of any emergency.