LAHORE - PML-N central spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb, in response to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s news conference, has said that premier is fond of speaking his war on corruption but guarding like a custodian the established symbols of corruption he appointed to government offices.

In a statement, she said the prime minister who talked about crackdown on corruption, very conveniently ignored the hundreds of millions of laundered money funneled into PTI official accounts through Hundi four years ago and PTI had filed five writ petitions in Islamabad High Court to keep it under wraps.

“The government cannot hide its failing 100 days plan behind these cosmetic diversions of blame-game and illegal arrests of the opposition leadership,” said Marriyum.

“Either fulfill your promise of bringing back those fictional 300 billion rupees of Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan, or apologise to the people of Pakistan for lying to them repeatedly,” she stressed.

She raised questions regarding decisions taken by the PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“The PM needs to explain the rationale of Rs45 billion loan taken by PTI KP government and where was it spent? Why there was electricity theft of Rs65 billion in KP? How did the price of Peshawar Metro reach Rs80 billion? Where did Rs6 billion of Accountability Commission vanish? Why did the PTI government allow 48 percent cut in Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO) bill collection and a loss of Rs60 billion during 2017? Why was the KP government in Rs55 billion debt in 2017-2018?, she posed questions.

The prime minister needed to clear all these massive dents to the national economy inflicted by the PTI government, she maintained.

Marriyum pointed out that the PTI had repeatedly bashed the nominal increase in gas and electricity prices in the parliament and in their rallies during PML-N government and promised to bring down the prices of these utilities. She said the government instead of providing a ‘better Pakistan’, had snatched away the right of the people to live at the bare minimum by unprecedented increase in the prices of natural gas and electricity.

The PM mentioned to encourage whistleblowers while when whistleblowers like Justice (Retd) Wajih, General (Retd) Hamid Khan and Akbar Babar revealed the corruption in PTI ranks, they were not only silenced but were made an example for all else to keep mum over party affairs.

The apparently anti-corruption PM needed to tell the nation how did his sisters buy Rs60 billion worth of property in Dubai while they did not have any source of income other than being member of the board of a not-for-profit welfare organization.

“When will the worthy prime minister start investigating this matter?,” she questioned.

“The PM needs to tell the nation when will the offshore properties of Zulfi Bukhari, Aleema Khan, Aleem Khan and Jahangir Tareen be auctioned?”

She also questioned different standards of appointing chief ministers by saying he appointed Buzdar because he was a poor man who would understand the problems of the underprivileged. However, if this is the rationale for appointing chief ministers, why did PTI appoint a “Nawwaab” as the Chief Minister of Balochistan instead of a poor and humble man who would understand the plight of the poor people of Balochistan.

Commenting further on PM’s explanation regarding Punjab CM, she said CMs were appointed on basis of competence and Buzdar’s competence could be measured by the fact that the PM had to chair every cabinet meeting himself as the CM did not have the capacity and ability to do so.

The prime minister needed to start fulfilling his promises because this empty rhetoric of false criticism might work from the top of a container but would not help run a country of 220 million people.