ISLAMABAD - The video message in which a resident of Lahore claimed to be the 11th imam and savior of Muslim Ummah may be tried under Cyber Crime Laws, officials told The Nation on Sunday.

The announcement has reached us through social media and on Monday we will take up the matter, said a top official of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

He said from the religious point of view since no claim of prophethood has been made, therefore the matter does not fall under severe capital punishment but still the government will consider whether it can cause any sectarian or religious conflict.

A video message was viral on social media, in which a young bearded man Abdullah Bin Muneeb, claimed that he is the 11th Imam of Khilafat-e-Rashida. In his ten-minute speech, he said that he has been told in his dreams that he is the one who will rescue Muslims of the world.

He warned that if anyone mistreated or ridiculed him or any of his followers would be subjected to severe curse and punishment of God.

The speech delivered in the jurisdiction of Police Station Thatta, Tehsil Jehanian, Khanewal district was reported instantly by the police's special branch.

Special branch warned that the claim could trigger religious violence and sectarian clash.

In a letter dated October 05, the officials wrote that a person who claims to be Imam Abdullah Bin Muneer gathered some people at the residence of Muhammad Faryad at 135/10R and announced that he is the 11th Imam of Khilafat-e-Rashida, showing a stick claiming that it has been granted to him by God.

The stick is engraved with Allah Muhammad and the digit 11, which he claims is written by Allah Almighty.

 He ordered the Chief Justice, Army Chief and Prime Minister Imran Khan to acknowledge him.

When contacted, the police officials confirmed that a man resident of Lahore claimed to be an Imam and special branch has alerted the high-ups.

When asked why a resident of Lahore chose the backward village of a remote tehsil to announce his international stature, the official said that since no one has reported the event and to take action the police need a complaint and therefore the matter was not investigated further.

The post has attracted strong criticism from the religious groups and users who termed the claim fake, asking the authorities to take action under strict cyber laws.