Climate change is rigorously affecting the wildlife in Pakistan as experts have suggested the extinction of the snow leopards inhabiting the snowcapped northern areas of Pakistan. The country already lacks a vigilant system which prevents the hunting of rare species and wildlife, now the environment itself is becoming less accommodating to these species accustomed to living in the hilly areas. Another major concern is also the lack of understanding regarding these animals and providing them a better and safe living. There is a major increase in tourism over the years. The North is increasing becoming a touristic hub. This means that urbanisation will follow and disrupt the natural ecosystem.

The Ministry of Climate Change must develop a mechanism to understand the phenomenon of climate change and assist lawmakers in making eco-friendly policies where and when applicable. The society, as a whole, lacks an understanding of the risks involved and awareness campaigns must be launched in order to educate people regarding the safeguard of the environment and the cohabiting species.

Hunting laws must be implemented. At the same time, another grave concern is also the shepherds which kill these big cats in order to avoid the risk of their livestock being eaten. This, however, will create an imbalance in the natural ecosystem.

Experts must be consulted if the authorities want to save these species and the environment they live in. If their habitat is to be replicated, there should be an accountability system which ensures that the persons involved are sensitive towards the care of the animals. Eco-friendly development is the need of the hour. Despite being a developing nation, these phenomena are ones that need to be addressed at the right time to ensure damage control and a way forward.