LOS ANGELES-Robbie Williams has quit Twitter. The 44-year-old musician has revealed he's made the decision to hire a team of people to post on his social media accounts on his behalf, because although he loves reading positive comments from fans, the criticism he gets can make it feel as though his ''world is crashing in''.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre Column, he said: ''I've had to take myself off social media - ¬reading Twitter and stuff.

''The love is massive but the hate can make you feel like the world is crashing in. If there's more than half the country that hate me, that's 50million people. ''That's a lot of people and that can feed into your psyche and make you feel bad.''

His decision to leave Twitter comes after his wife Ayda Field - with whom he has daughter Theo, six, son Charlton, three, and newborn baby girl Coco, one month - revealed he has an ''unhealthy compulsion'' to seek out mean comments about himself online, and that mean comments about his weight leave him devastated.

She said: ''Robbie comes across as arrogant and cocky, but inside he's a little mushy mensch and he has very soft feelings and a wounded heart. When people write bad things about him it hurts. I try to teach Rob to stay away from it - sometimes I have more success than others.