Even by the end of a tiring working day, I still look forward to the next day. Every night, I happily prepare for the day ahead and every morning, I travel to my workplace with a smile on my face. Does this sound too good to be true? If your answer is yes, look around and look within.

Are you motivated enough to go to work? Are your colleagues welcoming enough? Are you welcoming enough towards your colleagues? When you leave your home and enter your workplace, ask yourself these questions and that are we being considerate enough towards each other?

Be responsible and respectful with your words.

If the working relationship between you and your colleague is that of an immediate boss and a subordinate, try exercising your authority with dignity. Your subordinate is hired on a certain designation by the organization and is not your commodity. Be mindful of the vocabulary that you use to address a colleague who happens to be your subordinate. They are human beings and people like you, who have walked out of their homes to work for themselves and to make their lives better in one way or another.

Even if your colleague’s designation makes him/her your subordinate, still, s/he cannot be borrowed or offered among your colleagues on the same or higher hierarchical level without being asked personally. They happen to have a mind of their own as well and can have their respective work plans.

Try reminding yourself every day before entering your workplace that your colleague who is somehow working for you and sharing your workload is your coworker first, and your subordinate later. That person sitting in the corner of the room is a hearing, listening and a seeing human being. Try dismantling the hierarchy when you enter that common room/staff room of your workplace. Let them be a part of the conversations! 

Work as a team, work for the larger good of the organization you are working for. When you enter your workplace, somehow, enable your mind to let go off the hierarchy that is embedded in each one of us as members of the society.

Let go of the weaknesses at times, try holding their hand and give them the push they need to work towards that common goal. Let go of that fear within you. Believe in you that your abilities are enough for you to hold on to your position, let the other person push their boundaries instead of fearing that the other person might climb up the hierarchy and will be standing beside you, give them a hand in doing so. Give them their due credit, acknowledge their hard work. Bring in the generosity in you that a senior ought to have and that is needed to make a workplace a better place.

While walking through the corridors, do not hesitate to pass a smile, it might make someone's day. Do not wait for the other person to greet you, be the one to greet them despite where they stand in position concerning you. By treating your colleagues nicely, don't make them feel that you are giving them a favor; you are just showing basic human decency. It is the human decency that is needed to be exercised by each one of us to make our workplaces our happy places.