SHIKARPUR      -    An annual convention and training workshop was held to increase awareness regarding health issues on Monday. The convention was convened by Jamaat-e-Islahul Muslimeen Shikarpur in collaboration with Rohani Jamiat-e-Talaba at local banquet hall.

The speakers including Tufial Ahmed Abro and others highlighted the importance of health and termed health one of the best gifts blessed by Almighty Allah. They shed lights on blood pressure & diabetes which have been become common issues of every people of Pakistan and hailed the efforts of Rohani Jamiat-e-Talaba for arranging a camp to check blood pressure and diabetes and gave better suggestion to participants.

The leaders also cut a cake in an annual ceremony in which at least 200 branches participated and were benefited with free suggestion to control their blood pressure and diabetics.

In last, certificates of appreciation were also distributed to participants mainly specialists doctors who took part in medical camp.