The Prime Minister Imran Khan has restricted himself to Twitter and Television to outburst his fury over Indian aggression in Jammu and Kashmir following the revocation of Article 370 and 35A. Unlike his Indian counterpart, Imran Khan has not paid a single visit to any of the friendly countries which reflects his limited proactive approach toward exploring and utilising the diplomatic options more zealously.

The grim security situation in IOK and Afghanistan poses a grave threat to the regional peace and security thus requires utmost assiduity and a dynamic diplomacy to make the world leaders realise the gravity of the situation and persuading them to intervene for permanent peace.

As PM said lately that wars never resolve the issues. They have already caused a tremendous amount of damage to his country and its economy, he needs to ponder that his bellicose rhetoric will not help get rid of the crisis and a peaceful resolution of the dispute is unlikely to happen.

India’s media and its intelligence agencies have kick started a propaganda campaign that Pakistan might help Taliban fighters to infiltrate into Kashmir to support Kashmiris’ freedom struggle. The accusation followed Donald Trump’s recent statement regarding the consequences of US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan as he warned the neighbouring countries including India of the serious repercussions once the US troops leave Afghanistan. Though the Government of Pakistan has refuted such allegations and termed it as a pretext for war, India sticks to its claim.

At this point of time the Government has to realise that telephone diplomacy and mere condemnations of the Indian barbarism in occupied Kashmir will not end this terrible humanitarian crisis. The PM has to take the lead. He must adopt proactive and dynamic diplomatic approach not a reactive one if he genuinely wants to act as the ambassador of Kashmiris.

The US President himself has consistently expressed his desire to become an arbitrator or mediator to resolve the longstanding issues between Pakistan and India Including the Kashmir dispute. The long awaited peace deal between US and Afghan Taliban is yet to happen with Pakistan to play a key role. Pakistan has this huge opportunity to convince the US leadership to exert pressure on Indian Government for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue before it ignites a nuclear war between the two countries.

Moreover, as the Government has decided to take the matter to ICJ and that the Prime Minister will address the UN General Assembly’s session this month, it will be a great platform for exposing Indian atrocities in IOK and its nefarious designs to wage a nuclear war. With robust diplomatic strategy urge the world leaders to intervene for provision of justice to the Kashmiris according to the UN resolution which will determine the regional and global peace and stability.