SIALKOT    -   Ambassador of Finland in Pakistan Harry Kamarainen stressed a need for promoting bilateral trade ties between Pakistan and Finland.

He said that Finland would make an all-out effort to develop strong business-to-business contacts between Finland and Pakistan through the active mutual corporation between the Helsinki and Sialkot Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

He hoped that the Embassy of Finland would soon be re-opened in Pakistan. He stated this while addressing an important meeting of Sialkot exporters held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry. SCCI President Muhammad Ashraf Malik presided over the meeting. While, Finland Embassy senior officials, SCCI SVP Khurram Azeem Khan and  VP Muhammad Jalil Aslam also attended the meeting.

Finland Ambassador discussed in details the business potential and business promotion opportunities between Finland and Pakistan. He said that there were bright opportunities  to establishing strong trade relations between Finland and Pakistan in finished wood, sector, education, energy and health sectors.

He said that there was a dire need of establishing the strong trade ties between Finland and Pakistan.

While presenting his address of welcome, the SCCI President Muhammad Ashraf Malik said that  Finland has evolved itself into a majorly industrialized country with largely a free-market economy.

He firmly believed  firmly believe that Pakistan could learn a lot from Finland in  European Union (EU ) by investing in clean energy, artificial intelligence & skill development of its youth.

SCCI President added that both Pakistan and Finland should ensure that dedicated efforts to further improve two-way trade as despite EU being the major Trading Market for Pakistan, trade between the two countries does not reflect the true potential. We believe that there is an urgent need for diversification of exports as both countries have tremendous potential for business communities at both sides.

He said that the total trade volume between the Pakistan and Finland ,according to Trade Map Data was  around  US $ 170 million with mutual balance of trade strongly in favour of Finland at US $ 141.2 million.

He narrated that the bilateral trade could be conveniently enhanced for Helsinki and Sialkot Chambers of Commerce could play an important role by facilitating frequent interactions between private sectors of Pakistan and Finland as well.

SCCI President Muhammad Ashraf Malik suggested that both Pakistan and Finland  should facilitate single country trade exhibitions and encourage frequent exchanges of trade delegations.

He added that Finland should facilitate for investments and joint ventures in the value-added industries of Sialkot-Pakistan.

He sought active cooperation from Finland to develop the strengthened Business-to-Business contacts between Pakistan and Finland through the Helsinki and Sialkot Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well.

He said that Finland’s Health Sector was highly advanced with innovation and latest technologies being introduced. he said that Sialkot has a speciality in producing superior quality surgical instruments & that both countries could collaborate in that domain as well.

Earlier, -Ambassador of Finland in Pakistan Mr. Harry Kamarainen   also visited some leading industrial units  in and around the Sialkot city here today.