ISLAMABAD - The federal cabinet was informed on Monday that implementation on one of its one-year-old decision of negotiating agreements with the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal companies was not feasible at this stage as the law division had advised against it.

The cabinet was further informed that NAB was investigating a case pertaining to one of the LNG terminal companies, and negotiations with the remaining companies were not possible during the pendency of the inquiry, official sources told The Nation here.

The sources further disclosed that the federal cabinet meeting held last week with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair was briefed by the Cabinet Division on the implementation status of various decisions taken by the cabinet during the past one year.

Additional secretary Cabinet Division had informed the meeting then that out of total 1,143 decisions taken by the federal cabinet, various ministries and divisions had implemented 90 percent of them so far, the sources said. A total of 35 decisions were included in the ‘delayed category’, the additional secretary had informed the cabinet.

One of the cases in which implementation was delayed, the additional secretary added, was case No 615/41/2018, dated 18 October 2018, which had not been implemented even after the passage of almost one year.

In its meeting, held on 18 October 2018, the federal cabinet had decided that Petroleum and Finance Divisions shall hold negotiations with LNG terminal companies for rationalizing the excessive returns earned by them. However the decision could not be implemented because of variety of reasons.