LAHORE - The Postgraduate College of Nursing has illegally regularised a contractual employee, TheNation has learnt.

Muhammad Awais was appointed stenographer in BPS-14 against an advertised post in BPS-12 in February 2015.

The said person was awarded upgrade in BPS-15 in August 2017, prerogative of only regular employees. He was also given another three year extension in contract.

The Director General Audit questioned the appointment in BPS-14 and not BPS-12 as mentioned in the advertisement in a local Urdu newspaper. Moreover, the rules do not allow upgrade of an employee on contract.

Ignoring the audit para, Principal Postgraduate Nursing Institute Kausar Sardar Naqvi regularised the services of Muhammad Awais as stenographer in BPS-15 after the government announced the policy of giving permanent job to all employees. As per the insiders, an employee whose appointment on contract is under question could not be regularized till settlement of audit para.

Kausar Sardar Naqvi claimed that there was no hurdle in regularization of the employee since audit para was settled.

Deputy Director Internal Audit Health Department Alamdar Hussain, however, refuted the claim saying the para has not settled and regularization of the said employee would be an illegal act on the part of the head of the institution.

The insiders say Liaqat Ali Kharral, Superintendent of the Nursing College, utilised his influence first in appointment of his son in a higher grade than advertised in the newspaper and later upgrade of his scale. The said officer again managed to convince the Principal with the plea that either audit para was settled or it was not an issue to stop regularization of service of his son.

“As many as five contract employees will benefit from the government policy. There is an issue of only one employee Muhammad Naveed, a bearer. Hopefully, the required documentation will be completed in a couple of days and he (Naveed) too will be regularized”, said Ms Naqvi. To the question that whether the stenographer was amongst the beneficiaries of the government policy, she replied in the affirmative saying there was no bar in regularization of his service since the audit para has been settled.

Alamdar Hussain said that there was no question of settlement of audit para as ‘we are still waiting for the reply from the Principal’. After getting the reply, he said, the case would be forwarded to the Special Departmental Committee having representation of Finance, Health and Service and General Administration departments. The Committee, he said, would decide whether to keep or settle the audit para. To the question that whether the services of the said employee could be regularized at the present stage, his answer was big no.

“The services of such employees could not be regularized. If regularized, it would be illegal”, he said.