ISLAMABAD - PML-N secretary information Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that PTI kept Judge Arshad Malik at the Law ministry illegally and in contempt of court orders to use him for their vengeful political victimization and influence ongoing cases.

Talking to media outside Islamabad High court after the hearing of Al Azizia case against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Marriyum said the video evidence shared by Maryam Nawaz on July 6 exonerated Nawaz Sharif from all charges as it proved that the decision was made under threats and pressure. Begum Tahira Aurangzeb, Barrister Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha and a large gathering of workers were also present at press talk.

Marriyum reminded the Chief Justice of Pakistan had said that Judge Arshad Malik was a disgraceful blotch on the face of justice and law of the country, and yet this incompetent and shameless PTI regime protected him for their own shallow, sinister and vengeful gains. She said that Nawaz’s lawyer had raised a clear objection as to why was Judge Arshad Malik not sent back to his original department when the High Court ordered it on July 12th.

She pointed out that the incompetent, criminal PTI regime abused their power to keep Malik in the law ministry till August 22nd. The malicious intent of the government is clear from this action which is contempt of court orders, she stressed. It has been proven beyond any doubt that the Judge gave his decision under pressure but Nawaz Sharif is still in prison. She maintained that during this time, Arshad Malik abused his power to register fake cases.

The former Information Minister said that the judge continued to work as an Officer on Special Duty in the law Ministry, illegally, all throughout this time. During his illegal stay at the Ministry, the judge filed an FIR on 16th July which was a clear abuse of power.

The PMLN Central Spokesperson said that a reference should have been filed against the Chairman NAB for threatening the corporate sector and inflicting collateral damage to Pakistan.