ISLAMABAD - The current available wheat stock in the country is 5080747 tons which is around 25 percent less than the stock of 6770266 tons available in the same peri­od of last year.

Out of the total wheat stock currently available in the coun­try 2992744 tons is in Punjab, 1259395 tons in Sindh, 88900 tons in KP, 67423 tons in Baloch­istan and 674623 tons in PASS­CO stocks. 

The PASSCO and Punjab stocks have shown a decrease of almost a million tons each as compare to the stocks of the same peri­od of 2019, official documents available with 

The Nation reveal. In 2019 PASSCO and Punjab had a wheat stock of 1648879 tons and 4201167 tons respective­ly, while now the PASSCO has 674623 tons in stocks while Punjab have stocks of 2992744 tons. Similarly KP stocks have decreased from 117352 tons in 2019 to 88900 tons. However stocks of Sindh have increased from 802868 tons in 2019 to 1259395 tons, the documents reveal. 

Meanwhile a spokesman of the Ministry of National Food Secu­rity and Research (NFSR) said that government of Pakistan was ready to sign a MoU with Mos­cow for the supply of grain on a government-to-government basis and would import 0.180 MMT of wheat from Russia.

The government is ready to sign MoU with Moscow for the supply of grain on a govern­ment-to-government basis. PASSCO has been nominated as a procurement agency on behalf of Government of Pakistan to nego­tiate terms and conditions with the Russian side. Cabinet has al­ready approved the MoU.

Ministry of National Food Se­curity and Research (NFSR) is bridging the supply and demand gap of wheat by various strate­gies. 

In June, ECC gave permis­sion to private sector to Im­port 1.0 MMT of wheat. 18 ves­sels were booked for 1.092 MT till January 2020. By October, out of 18 vessels, 7 vessels car­rying 0.433 MMT of wheat ar­rived in the country. Right now 0.399 MMT of imported wheat by private sector has been dis­charged from port and distrib­uted to Punjab (0.212 MMT), KP (0.0102 MMT) and Sindh (0.177 MMT).

The other trajectory of wheat import is Government to Gov­ernment. Pakistan will import 0.180 MMT of wheat from Rus­sia as part of an arrangement to increase supplies.