RAWALPINDI - An Anti-Terrorism Court on Wednesday granted bail to Farrukh Khokhar who was held by police for violation of Fourth Schedule.

ATC Rawalpindi No 1 Special Judge Shaukat Kamal Dar took up the case and ordered Airport police to release Farrukh Khohar in the case. The judge remarked that the name of Farrukh Khokhar was not put in Fourth Schedule by the Punjab Home Department or another authority, therefore, he should be released immediately.

However, police officers claimed that the name of Farrukh Khokhar was put on Fourth Schedule, according to a letter No. SO (IS-I) 4-10/2018 (Rawalpindi) issued by Government of Punjab, Home Department, for his involvement in terrorism and sectarianism.

On the other hand, Farrukh Khokhar, the son of crime boss Haji Imtiaz Ali aka Taji Khokhar, posted a video on social media soon after getting before court in which he threatened SP Potohar Division Syed Ali of dire consequences. “I warn SP Syed Ali to not tease me or else he will have to face the music,” said Farrukh Khokhar in his video message.

He also challenged police to stop him from organising yet another free medical camp he is going for very soon.

Two days before, a heavy contingent of police carried out a raid on Dera Taji Khokhar and rounded up Farrukh Khokhar for violation of Fourth Schedule.