ISLAMABAD - The Balochistan Cabinet has okayed the ‘Balochistan Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Policy 2020-2024’ to ensure provision of equal rights to the women.

The policy would ensure inclusion of the women in the provincial and national development by providing them equal opportunities in socio-political and spheres, said an official of the Balochistan government on Wednesday.

Under the policy, he said the role of women in sports, socio-economic development and politics would be highlighted at provincial and national level.

 It also aimed to provide social protection to them by ensuring provision of their legal rights, he added. He said the policy was formulated after bringing some changes in the Women Empowerment Policy 2013.

The official said the Balochistan government had allocated huge budget for the establishment of various projects to empower and facilitate women, enabling them to play a role for the development of the province. 

The official said that the government will also initiate the construction of Women Business Incubation Centre in Quetta with the aim to support women to set up their businesses, enhance their entrepreneurship skills and overcome the challenges being faced by them in market.

The government has also initiated a training programme to encourage more women entrepreneurs to participate in business activities.

He said the government was introducing women endowment funds in Balochistan to empower them financially and make them self sufficient. 

The government has expedited the development work of women directorate in Quetta, he said, and added that as a nation we cannot succeed unless we empower women.

According to the official, the government has also established baby care centres in the province.

“It is quite evident that economic and social initiatives have helped reduce gender disparity. No country can be developed without empowering its women,” the official added.