Pakistan is already in the crisis of coronavirus for months but now it looks like it is going to face another pandemic; dengue. Pakistan’s healthcare system, already burdened because of coronavirus, is under the devastating fear of increasing dengue cases. The major concern lies in the costs of hospitalization due to dengue fever.

Fortunately, the number of COVID -19 cases has been declining for quite some time but the outbreak of dengue fever, a known tropical disease in Pakistan, can escalate fear among masses. It can also overload our healthcare system. The temporal coincidence implies that two outbreaks are happening at the same time in the contemporary situation. This would not only impress great damage to the public but also would require intensive and active functionality from both private and public healthcare systems.

In view of the prevailing situation, the Government of Punjab’s concerned departments e.g. primary and secondary healthcare departments and other concerned stakeholders have called for immediate and early actions to prevent the spread of diseases side by side. Secretary Health, Captain (R) Muhammad Usman Younis, along with his concerned team, is taking preemptive measures i.e. consistent disease surveillance programs, also spreading awareness in this regard.

The respective department has initiated an aggressive awareness campaign in this regard as they firmly believe in the fact that prevention is better than the cure. Not only this, our other notable government departments are active specifically spreading awareness in this regard. Director-General Irfan Nawaz Memon, along with his awareness team, is also running an aggressive campaign. In addition to educating people on how to save themselves from dengue virus, they are also educating people with regard to dietary habits they should follow for better immunization these days. We must deal with the prevailing crisis responsibly and help not escalate the crisis.