ISLAMABAD - Former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior leader, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, yesterday claimed that the government was distributing treason certificates among its political opponents as he believed that Prime Minister Imran Khan was behind the treason case filed against the AJK Prime Minister and PML-N leaders.

He said that he was not ready to believe what the ministers have been saying on the issue. “Now a new story is being told … we don’t know who was behind the registration of the case,” he said and continued it does not matter what the ministers have been saying, Prime Minister Imran Khan is behind the registration of the treason case at a Lahore police station. 

Talking to media person here, the PML-N senior leader contested the statements given by the ministers that PM Imran Khan was not aware of the registration of the treason case and also challenged the government to come and arrest the ‘traitors’.

Abbasi said a case has been registered against the AJK Prime Minister and those who served the country including two former prime ministers of Pakistan. “Have they become traitors today,” he posed a question.

Will treason cases mitigate people’s sufferings, asks former PM 

He took exception to nominating AJK Prime Minister in the FIR and said it’s a pity that AJK Prime Minister, two former prime ministers, three retired army officers and others were declared traitors. “I want to know who distributes certificate of patriotism so that I can apply for one”, he asked. 

He also criticised the police officer for registration of the treason case. “I also want to lodge an FIR against the PM for pressurizing the former DG FIA for registration of a treason case against PML-N’s Khawaja Asif”, he added.  

The former PM said that no one talks about the problems being faced by the masses and the Prime Minister always thought about arresting political opponents. He demanded an open trial of the treason case.

He also said, “will treason cases mitigate people’s sufferings”. He also lashed out at Prime Minister Imran Khan for the increase in sugar price. “He [PM] did not know that flour was being sold at Rs 70-80 per kg. He did not know that sugar was being sold at Rs 110 per kg, he did not know that unemployment and poverty was on the rise, the Prime Minister was not even aware that CPEC has been closed”, he claimed. 

He said traitors are the ones who stopped work on CPEC and increased problems for the masses. Abbasi said PDM will provide relief to the masses. To a question, Abbasi said registration of treason cases may always lead to third party intervention.