KARACHI - It may sound strange that four retail rates of sugar, ranging from Rs38 to Rs52 per kg are prevailing in City because of ongoing row between the government and the sugar mills over price of the commodity particularly during the holy month of Ramazan. The outlets of the Utility Stores Corporation are selling sugar at Rs 38/kg while the millers, the whole-sale dealers and retailers are overriding the price mechanism of the commodity unanimously set by the provincial government. Two weeks ago the provincial government had set price of the commodity at Rs44.75 per kg for ex mill rate, Rs45.50 per kg wholesale and Rs47 per kg for retail. But despite the lapse of two weeks the commodity, except the USC, the sugar is rarely available at officially notified rate. According to consumers, presently four rates of commodity are prevailing in different parts of city. The white sweetener is being sold at subsidised rate of Rs38 per kg at Utility stores. However, the white sweetener is being sold at Rs47 per kg at some leading retail outlets. During a brief survey of the price mechanism of commodity, the price difference was visible as price of the commodity ranged from Rs47 per kg to Rs52 per kg in Saddar, Gulshan Iqbal, Defence and other areas of the city. In most of the areas of the city, the sugar was being sold at over Rs50 per kg, but in Defence, its price amounted to Rs51 to 52 per kg. However, the analysts have attributed the ineffective role of government to control the price mechanism as main reason behind the varying prices in city. Meanwhile, Muhammad Shakil General Secretary Wholesale Grocers Association Karachi told The Nation that sugar mills have stopped the supply of commodity on ex mill rate of Rs44.75 per kg set by provincial government enabling to give relief to people in holy month of Ramadan. The mills are offering sugar at Rs46 per kg, which is over than the prescribed price of Rs44.75 per kg, and is also more than prevailing price of Rs45.50 per kg of white sweetener in open market, he said. He added that wholesalers have been left with the only option to purchase the commodity from sugar dealers/brokers. The officer bearers of the wholesale dealers body further said that short supply of commodity from sugar dealers could be another reason of variation in prices. However, Chief of Retailers Grocers Association Karachi Fareed Qureshi also seconded the comments of the wholesalers body and said that there is no uniformity in prices of sugar at wholesale market. He admitted that retail price of the commodity is Rs50 per kg, while retailers are selling commodity under the fear of authorities and termed that how it could be possible for them to sell commodity at less than actual prices which they pay.