OUR Air Force lived up to the people's expectations during the war of 1965and not only successfully prevented the IAF from making incursions into our skies but also inflicted heavy losses on it that proved vital in helping the army break the back of the Indian ground forces. The heroic feats of our pilots make us all proud. M.M. Alam rising to the occasion destroyed five Hunter jets of the IAF one after the other in less than a minute. It was because of such brave pilots imbued with the spirit of patriotism that the PAF easily gained ascendancy over its adversary. Doubtlessly, the defeat of the IAF was an occasion when Quaid-i-Azam's dream of making PAF second to none became a reality. With the grace of God, our Air Fore remains strong as ever and capable of forestalling the evil designs of enemies. The thought of highly professional men securing our aerial frontiers is a great comfort.