ISLAMABAD - After Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani promoted over 51 civil servants to grade-22, the occurrence of an equal number of vacancies, if not more pending previously in grade-21, has triggered a race among grade-20 officers. According to sources in the Establishment Division, the Secretariat Group was already perturbed after the groups rights to the apex promotions was undermined in favour of the more powerful District Management Group. However, the sources rushed to add that the promotion in grade-21 was total discretion of the Prime Minister unlike the criteria determining share of respective groups for promotions in grade-21. Since more DMG officers got promotion in 22, the group has got more vacancies in grade-21 as compared to the other groups, in particular the Secretariat Group. In normal circumstances, the Secretariat Group is supposed to get two-thirds of the total promotions in grade-21 under the Civil Service Act. But an amendment to the Act made during the Musharraf regime had provided for giving out one-thirds of the share of Secretariat Group to the other services that normally gets least promotions such as Information and Postal Services of Pakistan. Though the Central Selection Board that considers civil servants promotions from grade-20 to 21 is a recurring feature and under the standing orders of the government, it should convene twice a year, it mostly gets delayed due to one or the other reason. First meeting of the Board was held in March this year while the second is due in September. Therefore, the Establishment Division is already in process of finalising lists for the consideration of the Central Selection Board. According to the sources, Establishment Division would prepare a short-list of at least 70 grade-20 officers qualifying for consideration of the CSB. The sources also pointed out that contrary to the norms of Federal Public Service Commissions Chairperson being the head of the CSB, the incumbent government has designated Secretary Establishment to chair the promotions board meeting.