ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has asked the US to expedite passage of Karry Lugar and ROZ Bills through the Congress for delivering the peace dividend of Swat, Malakand and tribal regions and invest in health, industry and infrastructure sectors there. He said this while talking to the US Congressional delegation comprising Congressmen Adam Smith and Bobby Neal and Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford that called on him at the Prime Minister House on Monday afternoon. The Prime Minister underlined the need for channelling disbursement of the US financial assistance through the established mechanism and institutions of Pakistan to save the administrative expenditure on projects run by the USAID and NGOs. The Prime Minister underscored the need for delivering on the assistance committed for Pakistans law enforcement agencies personnel in Swat and Malakand regions to properly and adequately prepare them to take over the charge from the Armed Forces on completion of the present operation. He also underlined the fact that Pakistans Armed Forces needed immediate replenishment of aviation spares and ammunition as well as the much-needed helicopters and counter-intelligence equipment for winning war against terrorism. The Prime Minister emphasised enhanced exchange of actionable real time intelligence between the two countries and transfer of drone technology to Pakistan to enable Pakistans Armed Forces to take ownership of attacks against terrorists and spare the US from facing their negative fallout. The US congressional delegation assured the Prime Minister of its complete support for early passage of the two Bills and their desire for continuation of long-term strategic partnership with Pakistan. The members of the delegation agreed that the projects undertaken by the USAID and NGO consumed a substantial proportion of the actual assistance as the administrative expenditure, and said that both sides should develop a mechanism, which should be transparent and cater for the optimum needs of the population. They also recognised the fact that poverty and lack of opportunities were the root causes behind the spread of militancy and terrorism and needed to be addressed on priority to root out this menace.