MICHAEL Jackson is set to be the worlds top earning celebrity brand next year, making up to 150 million from beyond the grave, even more than Ronaldo and the Beckhams. And he is not the only one as Elvis, Heath Ledger and Jade Goody are also in the list of top 20 stars, dead or alive, whose names alone are enough to set the cash tills ringing. Jacksons early death this year means his estate is likely to benefit from a range of lucrative products from his music and videos to toys and trinkets and other officially licensed goods. Jade Goody is still a valuable brand, thanks to her books and perfumes, while Heath Ledgers work lives on in royalties from DVD sales. The top 20 for 2010 was compiled by trade and marketing experts based on potential moneyspinners from upmarket clothing ranges right down to dolls and tea towels. The list includes Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, singers such as Lady GaGa and Britney, actors such as Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson and sporting heroes such as Lewis Hamilton, still a bigger brand name than rival Jenson Button. The predictions come from the top 1,000 licensing and merchandising experts across Europe taking part in the trade event Brand Licensing in London at the end of this month. TG They include owners of celebrity brands and licences as well as those from retail, manufacturing, promotion and advertising industries. Ciarn Coyle, managing director, The Beanstalk Group, said: The Michael Jackson estate could earn an estimated 100 to 150m in royalties from licensing in 2010. His image and legacy is licensed on anything from coins and clothes, to coffee table books and singing stuffed animals. To put that into context, Elvis estate was worth 30m last year and only a fraction of this was from licensing deals. The reason his estate will do so well as a licensing property is because Jackson had both fame and an emotional connection with potential consumers. TG