KARACHI - The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has turned the on going MCB junior hockey super league here at the HCP into a rule experimenting laboratory by introducing three new rules in the competition in which ten teams are taking part. One rule is about duration of a contest and the remaining two about penalties for infringement inside the striking circle. Under the match duration rule, each contest would be of three sessions of 25 minuets, each with two breaks of seven and half minutes, each replacing the traditional play of two halves of thirty five minutes and each with a ten-minute rest period in between. The match duration rule is not as shocking as the penalties introduced for infringements inside the striking circles. Under the new rule, two kinds of penalty strokes have been added to the usual traditional one in which the player is allowed to drag the ball from ten-yard spot into the goal defended by well-equipped goalkeeper. Under one experimental penalty stroke, a player is given possession of the ball on 25 yards line and given ten second to run with the ball and score from inside the circle. Under the second experimental penalty stroke, the attacking player is given possession of the ball on the top of the circle and allowed ten seconds to beat the keeper who is also allowed to move from the goal line to defend. These new rules were being implemented by the umpires who themselves do not know either the new rules are experimental approved by the FIH or the PHF itself has come up with the idea of these new rules. When three days ago, some media men approached the PHF secretary to know whether the new rules have become part of the FIH rule book, the secretary asked someone to hand over the Xerox copies of the new rule book in which these changes have been mentioned. But the media is still anxiously waiting for someone from the PHF to distribute the copies of new laws. Even some of the umpires when approached, were not aware whether the new rules have been authorised by the FIH or the PHF itself was making the experiment. In the meantime, three matches were played in the championship. Quetta defeated Islamabad 4-3 with Asad clinching the match winner in the closing minute of the match. Ayaz Shabbir and Mehdi Abbas (2) were other scorers for Quetta team. Bilal Mahmood, Arsalan and Faisal scored for the Islamabad. In another match of the day Multan and Faisalabad played one-all draw. Akber Ali gave Faisalabad lead early in the play and Muhammad Mushtaq got the equaliser for Multan late in the competition. Abbottabad beat Peshawar 1-0 in the third match of the day with Abdul Qayyum clinching the match winner in 69th minute. At the end of the league round, top eight teams on the points table will qualify for the quarter finals. The quarterfinal parings would be 1 v 8 (A), 2 v 7 (B), 3 v 6 (C) and 4 v 5(D). A will meet C in first and B face D in the second semi final. Three more matches will be played on Monday night.