The former Indian Foreign Minister, Jaswant Singh has been accused by the extremist in India as a traitor and his effigies have been burnt on the streets there. This all commotion in India is for only putting the record straight by a person who has been member of a nationalist party for decades. The Founding Father, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had no hostility against the people belonging to other religions of the subcontinent. He was a real pluralist and a democrat to the core of his heart. Quaid-i-Azam's Pakistan in 2009 is engulfed in very serious circumstances. The repeated dictatorships have left Pakistan in a state of mess and several forces are still trying to destabilise Pakistan in the name of taking revenge. No country in the world has progressed with this attitude. The recent example of going ahead with a vision is of South Africa which was scarred very badly by the continued apartheid and violence for decades. The vision of one of the greatest leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela, got South Africa on track not by the resolve to take revenge but by practising tolerance and forgiveness. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was constituted by the African National Congress, commonly known as ANC, government with a view to promote national unity and reconciliation. The commission was empowered to grant amnesty to those who committed abuses during the apartheid era, as long as the crimes were politically motivated. There is a debate going on in the country about invoking Article 6 of the Constitution against Musharraf. There are different views about it. Some think that he should be tried and hanged as soon as possible. They feel that it will stop any other adventurist in future from taking the same path. While some people do not want this to happen at all as they say that this will open a Pandora's Box and all the collaborators will also have to be tried under Article 6. Hanging any dictator will not solve the problems of the masses. The people have recently experienced a bitter reality. They were made to believe that injustices in the society will evaporate as soon as Chaudhry Iftikhar assumes the coveted position of the CJ. This never happened and the issues of unemployment, poverty, education and clean drinking water still persist. They were unaware that these amenities of life will not come to them just by either restoring or hanging someone. Please stop We need to look forward and go forward. We as a nation have to accept the mistakes we have committed in the past. Those mistakes have brought us to this situation where we have become intolerant and revengeful. We have forgotten how to forgive and forget. Now the question before us as a nation is, how can we get out of this quagmire of settling the scores, intolerance, fanaticism, extremism and violence. This situation will lead us in total disarray. We have to decide our future course once for all. Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was the first politician who had suggested TRC for Pakistan while she was in exile because of a dictator. She was a visionary who was looking ahead despite the fact that her husband was behind bars for years without a single conviction. She had no bitterness in her neither did her husband, who is now the President of Pakistan despite the fact that he was tortured in jail and an attempt was made on his life. Shaheed Mohtarma knew very well that the only way forward was reconciliation. The PPP government took the path of reconciliation and formed governments in the centre and provinces in coalition with all the other parties. In Sindh it could have formed government on its own but it chose to include other parties also - even those that in the past had been stanch opponents of the PPP. A human is to err and as a nation we have been committing a lot of mistakes but at the same time Pakistan as a nation has always responded to the challenges. We are faced with enormous challenges at this point and time. Terrorism is the biggest threat to the Pakistani nation. Our valiant forces are fighting this menace with determination. The entire nation is behind this war and the credit goes to the democratic government. In this situation suddenly a few characters emerged on the television screens and started talking about old and buried issues. Who are they serving? Who did they serve in the past? What are the motives of these revelations? Who has asked them to start this game of mudslinging? In such circumstances, it is the need of the hour to constitute a TRC so that the mistakes by any individual, government or non-state actors are documented in order to resole the conflicts that are present since the last 62 years. In several countries of the world including Argentine, Chile, Canada, El Salvador, Fiji, Ghana, Guatemala, Liberia, Morocco, Panama, Peru, Sierra Leon, Solomon Island, South Africa, South Korea, East Timor and United States TRC have been constituted with positive results. The Ministry of Inter-Provincial coordination can be renamed as the Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation and under it a TRC could be constituted. The committee could have its members from every walk of life so that it becomes an inclusive commission. The solution does not lie in bickering and vengeance but in forward thinking. We must have realisation of ground realities and only then we can tread a path of progress, growth and development. The writer is a retired captain of the Pakistan Army