ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Monday asked India to stop questioning its sincerity in bringing the perpetrators of Mumbai terror attacks to justice and instead assist Islamabad in carrying out probe into the horrendous act of subversion. The Indians should not doubt Pakistans sincerity in handling the Mumbai terror attacks, 26/11, case. Instead of levelling allegations, they should provide Islamabad tangible evidence so that the case can be taken forward meaningfully, said the Foreign Office spokesperson, Abdul Basit, in an interview. He said, Indians should realise that this is a purely judicial matter and the governments of Pakistan and India cannot do anything about this and only the court can take a decision on it. He said the court proceedings had begun against five culprits allegedly involved in the Mumbai attack. The matter was now in the court and it was incorrect to comment on it, he added. The interview of the spokesman of Pakistans foreign office came in the wake of Indian Home Minister P Chidambarams remarks about Pakistans unwillingness to prosecute Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed. Basit said that such statements were against the spirit of the Sharm El Sheikh joint declaration issued after the meeting between Pakistani and Indian prime ministers. In a statement, the Foreign Office said said Pakistan fully supported the Chinese governments efforts to maintain peace and ethnic harmony in its autonomous region of Xinjiang. The government of Pakistan strongly condemns the recent incidents in Xinjiang and fully supports the Chinese governments efforts to maintain social stability, peace and ethnic harmony, it said. He said, We are confident that the forces of extremism, separatism and terrorism will not succeed in their efforts to sabotage Chinas stability and its march towards economic development. He said Pakistan fully supported the efforts of the Chinese government to promote the development of Xinjiang autonomous region as well as Chinas role in promoting peace and prosperity in the region.