LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board has blamed the previous managements of the board led by Dr Nasim Ashraf and Shaharyar Khan for the all the irregularities found by the auditor general. PCB said in a statements "It is correct that the Auditor General carried out an audit of PCB for a period of five years ended on June 30. But Ijaz Butt took over as Chairman in October, 2008. The period of audit, therefore, related to previous administration of Dr. Nasim Ashraf and Mr. Shaharyar Khan. All the observations in audit reports need to be answered by previous chairmen and have nothing to do with the current Chairman." The statement further said that the National Assembly Standing Committee on Sports wanted to discuss the report but the Auditor General refused to send any representative to the Committee on the plea that only the Public Accounts Committee of NA has jurisdiction in this matter. The statement further said that some of the irregularities mentioned are very serious and if these are correctly reproduced from the Audit Report then immediate and urgent action needs to be taken against the concerned officials of the previous administration. On TV rights bidding, the PCB said these rights were awarded through international bidding process which was monitored by an international firm of accountants. The highest bidder was awarded the contract while the lowest bidders, are agitating and leveling allegations against the PCB. A PCB official said that the board is currently busy preparing itself for the Champions Trophy, the U-19 World Cup in Jan-Feb 2010 and the T-20 World Cup in April and May 2010 in the West Indies.