WASHINGTON - US soldiers disrespected Afghan culture while raiding a hospital in Afghanistan by tying up security guards and searching womens wards, an American television network reported Monday, quoting an aid worker. Anders Fange, the country director of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, told CNN that the US troops, reportedly from the US Armys 10th Mountain Division, bound four security men guarding a hospital in Wardak province last week while searching for Taliban insurgents. Farge claimed they broke locks to enter the hospitals nutrition ward and ultrasound room and searched its female chief in violation of Afghan customs. It is not only a clear violation of globally recognised humanitarian principles about the sanctity of health facilities and staff in areas of conflict, but also a clear breach of the civil-military agreement between NGOs and ISAF (the International Security Assistance Force), Farge said. ISAF spokeswoman Lt Cmdr Christine Sidenstricker told CNN the incident is being looked into, adding that any operation in that region would have been led by Afghan troops and supported by ISAF forces.