It has come to my notice that Model Town Society intends to lease the J block ground for Dogem cars project. This will play havoc with Model Town entrance and besides it is illegal to convert grounds into commercial projects. It will be extremely detrimental for the residents of the area especially the residents of J block as hoards of people will come from all directions. It may be noted here that all the terrorist activities in Model Town have occurred at either government run offices/cells or at commercial places. Consider for example the fact that the kidnapping of an American who was running an office in J block. This site would be a potential threat to the VIP movement that takes place in Model Town and would increase the chances of another terrorist attack against any VIP in which innocent lives may be lost. Apparently the deal has already been done and now the paper work is being put in place to formalize it. AMER AZAM, Lahore, September 5.