OUR STAFF REPORTER MANDI BAHAUDDIN -The Revenue Department of district Mandi Bahauddin is under immense pressure of Lahore High Court, which has directed its high-ups to recover Rs10 of millions in the head of state fee from patwaris, who embezzled around Rs80 million during last few years in the district. But on the other hand no remarkable recovery has been made by the Revenue Officers on account of their close ties with the Revenue patwaris and AC Mandi Bahauddin Shahid Imran Marth claimed to have recover only a meagre amount of Rs5 million so far. The Revenue Department initially suspended some patwaris including Nazir Shah, Muhammad Iqbal and Raja Aman Ullah. Later, during investigation it came to light that Raja Aman Ullah embezzled Rs30 million government registration fee through submission of challan forms bearing fake bank stamps. It is also believed that same Raja Amaan Ullah invented the form of corruption some ten years back at Mauza Sahawa Bolani but no revenue officer, despite knowledge of the corruption, ever bothered to even check the practice of blue-eyed revenue official. The most shameful aspect of this corruption chapter came to light when revenue officers assisted Raja Amaan Ullah to dispose of his property and made his escape good to Dubai and avoided any recovery. After first hearing at LHC on August 12, the Revenue Department made more cleansing in the department and dismissed two revenue patwaris namely Muhammad Iqbal, Nazir Shah and suspended two gardawars Muhammad Anayat, Ghulam Fareed and patwaris Mian Barkat, Ali Ahmad and Safdar Ali. The LHC has summoned Revenue Department officers on Sept 16. Court should take notice of the accomplices of such revenue officers, who helped accused pawtaris to avoid recovery. According to reliable sources Revenue Department was protecting some blue-eyed officials including Gardawar Ghulam Fareed, patwari Sana Ullah; who are the main characters of setting ablaze revenue record of Mauza Wasoo to hide millions of rupees embezzlements, The District Accounts Office had confirmed the embezzlements made by several patwaris i.e. Rs2.4 million by Nazir Shah and Mauza Wasoo Patwari Muhammad Iqbal, Rs400,000 by Muhammad Anayat Patwari. It is also note worthy that Revenue Department was forcing revenue officials to ensure recovery and no action against such criminals could taken for their criminal act. Social and public circles have urged Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of this mega corruption scandal and penalise all relevant elements who committed and assisted this white-collar crime for the last one decade.