LAHORE Opposition Leader in the National Assembly and Public Accounts Committee Chairman Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan has decided to resign from his office in protest against the appointment of a 'controversial Auditor General of Pakistan. According to sources in the PML-N, there is strong likelihood that Nawaz Shairf will announce the resignation of Ch Nisar as PAC chairman during a press conference in Islamabad. Ch Nisar called on Nawaz Sharif at his residence in Jatti Umra the other day and discussed in detail the appointment of the new AGP. The opposition leader told his party chief that he had got all the accounts spreading over 20 years cleared and now it was the turn of government accounts, the sources claimed. He told Nawaz Shairf the president had appointed his favourite AGP who would defend the government and hence the PAC would stand as a meaningless body, the sources added. Nawaz Sharif agreed to Nisars viewpoint and allowed him to resign from his post, they added.