The Cliftons Park Towers is one of the most modern built malls in Karachi facilitating all the services and accommodations that a mall should have. The mall has lots of shops and departmental stores selling variety of exquisite quality goods. It also housed international chain of franchises. Besides pretty decent food court it has also an arcade and a kiddys ride place. Although there are number of malls in the metropolis, yet for its location, ambiance, and the facilities it affords to the customers, none compete with Park Towers. For this reason the mall is visited by thousands of families daily and even on lean business hours, one can find hundreds of people loitering in the building. Even on Sundays, mall is open, though for families only. However one thing which shocked me the most was that place like Park Towers which is thronged by shoppers/visitors till 12 mid nights, has no Fire Emergency Exist facility. Out of curiosity I went through all the floors through escalator as well as staircase and found nothing notable except a few apparently obsolete fire extinguishers, efficacy of which is yet put to test. In place like ours, where electric short circuits are common phenomenon and now is added with terrorist activities, one cannot imagine the torment of those caught in the building without fire emergency exit; in case such emergency arises. I, therefore, request the owner of the Park Towers and the shopkeepers of the mall to establish fire emergency exist without further loss of time. On stake are not only lives of the customers/visitors but also on stake is the stocks/assets of those have invested millions of rupees in their businesses. ISHA, Karachi, September 7.