US President Barack Obamas advisor on national security John Brennan has said that Pakistan is taking strict action against terrorism. In an interview with a newspaper, Brennan said that United States have close working relationship with it partners as US cannot fight terrorism alone. He said that killing of Osama Bin Laden and Ilyas Kashmiri is clear proof of Al Qaedas defeat. He further said that arrest of Al Qaeda leader Younis al-Mauritani was a proof that Pakistan was taking strict action against terrorism. The former CIA officer described that as proof that the White House has found the right formula to fight Al Qaeda, by pairing US intelligence and counterterrorist forces with host nations from Pakistan to Iraq to Yemen, fighting beside them or sometimes through them. The goal is to keep Al Qaeda off balance, unable to replace the seasoned terrorists the U.S. campaign is taking out. In a wide-ranging interview, Brennan credited aggressive US action against militants across the region as the main reason US intelligence has detected no active terror plots before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. On the strength of al-Qaida, Brennan said the core of al-Qaida, in Pakistan, "has taken it on the chin" as a result of US and Pakistani efforts, and has been "degraded significantly over the past couple of years." But other al-Qaida elements in Yemen, Africa and Iraq are still active and a cause for concern.