In 1965 war against India, Pakistan Navy was already alert in safe-guarding its sea-frontiers from Indian aggression. At that time, the only submarine PNS Ghazi was deployed off Bombay to look after the heavy units of the Indian Navy. It spread a reign of terror in the rank and file of Indian warships and they could not come out of the harbour - including the aircraft carrier VIKRANT. It was this blockade that enabled the Pakistani fleet to move in and blast the Indian naval fortress of Dwarka known as Operation Dwarka. The heavy bombardment was carried at 0024 when ships were 5.5 to 6.3 miles from Dwarka light. It took only four minutes to complete the bombardment, firing altogether about 350 rounds on the target. There was no appreciable resistance from the enemy and the ships safely arrived at their patrol area by 0635 on 8 Sep. This bombardment refreshes our memories of what our seniors did in safe-guarding our coast-lines during 1965 war. The track record of Pakistan Navy is that it has rendered very useful services in rescuing and rehabilitating the victims after every inland flood, internal strife, bomb blast disposal, anti-dacoit operations, train accidents, etc. Many equate the spirit manifested by the Sailors during the recent natural catastrophes like Tsunami-2004, Pakistan Earthquake-2005, Pasni flash floods-2007 and worst-ever hit floods-2010 as well as ongoing floods-2011 with that of 1965 fervour. Besides this, Pakistan Navy has been proactively engaged in eradicating the international piracy and succeeded in thwarting number of piracy attempts, like, support to MV SUEZ by PNS BABUR, rescuing Panama Flag Carrier MSC KALINA from 5 pirate skiffs. The latest episode of terrorist attack on PNS Mehran by 10 armed militants was successfully countered by the brave PN commandoes (Lt Yasir Abbas sacrificing his life). The terrorists blew up a four-engine PC3-Orion plane of Pakistan Navy by firing a rocket. Pakistan Navy today, has become a responsible 4-dimensional force: Surface ships; aircraft; submarines and the Special Service Group of Navy/Marines. PN is boosting these four components through intensive training, induction of new sophisticated sensors and equipment in line with modern trends, especially surveillance through maritime Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV). The latest induction of indigenously made F-22P frigates with the assistance of China, has increased the capability of existing 'surface fleet to operate in multi-threat environments. Pakistan Navy is proudly defending the sea-frontiers as well as protecting the maritime interests of Pakistan. FAHR-E-ALAM, Kallar Syedan, September 5.