Angelina Jolie reportedly feels "upset" at the prospect of never being a grandmother.

The actress had a double mastectomy earlier this year after learning she carried a BRCA1 gene mutation, significantly increasing her chances of developing breast cancer. She is also planning to undergo a procedure to remove her ovaries as she is also at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Recently, family friend Marie Miles urged Angelina publically to have the operation sooner rather than later, which apparently hit home.

"Angelina rarely reads what's written about her, but when Marie spoke out, it really rammed it home how important her preventative measures are," an insider told British magazine Look.

"When Marie said she'd hate for Ange to miss out on being a grandmother, she felt very upset. She'll never get over her [own] mother's death and she wants to be around for her kids, especially when they have kids of their own."

Angelina is a mother to six children with her fiancé Brad Pitt.

She's also keeping busy with filming, which is helping her to feel normal again.

"It's her chance to prove to herself that this terrifying disease has not and will not defeat her," the source continued.

"She's been so stoic about it, but she's looking forward to putting it all behind her. There are moments when she admits she's nervous."