A magisterial district court sent Ammara Maqsud, who is faced with life threats by her family for contracting court marriage, to a shelter home (Darul Aman) and ordered police to provide security for Ammara and her husband.

The Sialkot Saddar police produced Ammara in the court of Magistrate 1st Class Sialkot Imran Yaqub amid tight security in a case of love marriage. Her parents had got a case registered regarding her forced marriage and abduction.

She told the court that she married Muhammad Salman with her full consent and he did not abducted or forced her for this marriage. She urged the court that she conducted her love marriage and wanted to live a happy marital life with her husband.

She also told the court that their lives were in danger as a village panchayat had issued orders to kill them, warning them to end the marriage otherwise the couple would be murdered as a punishment for doing court marriage. The court, however, sent her to a local shelter home till Monday.

A village Panchayat has ordered the newly married couple to end their love marriage through divorce within the four-day period ending on Saturday (yesterday) otherwise the couple would be murdered as a punishment for doing love marriage in a Sialkot court a week ago.

Village Bhaagowal-Sialkot based youth Muhammad Salman Bajwa, 22, and Ammara Maqsud got married in a local court on September 1, 2013.

The parents of Ammara have already died and she was being looked after by her uncle. The girl’s guardian family refused to accept the court marriage and made it a matter of hounor and ego and called a meeting of village Panchayat over the issue.

The jury headed by Amanullah, a local political activist of the ruling party, rejected the court marriage and announced to punish the couple by announcing to force the couple to end their marriage through divorce within the period of four days ending on September 7, 2013, besides, giving repeated warnings to the couple, especially the groom, to divorce her, otherwise they would be murdered.

Commissioner visits: Commissioner Syed Najam Ahmad visited Gojra to review the situation regarding demand of religious leaders about the demolition of a minar built on the worship place of Ahmadis in Chak 312/JB.

DCO Dr Farah Masood and DPO Dr Shahzad Asif presented him a report regarding the situation.

The Commissioner thanked the parliamentarians, citizens and Ulema for cooperating on the issue with the administration. He hoped that the issue would be resolved soon.