Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid has said that the PML-N government was alive to the problems being confronted by the masses and making an all-out effort to ensure early solution to these problems.

Talking to local notables at Pasrur city, he said that the government had taken the energy crisis as a challenge and was moving towards right direction to get rid of electricity loadshedding across the country.

The federal minister added that the PML-N government was committed to make Pakistan as envisaged by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali. He said that the PML-N was a main political party, consisted of loyal politicians and striving to protect the ideology of Pakistan.

Hamid claimed that the national economy was now moving towards economic stability while democracy was also strengthening in the country due to the “successful” policies of the present government. He said that the government was making adequate efforts to bring the country out of energy crisis and Pakistan would be made loadshedding-free country within the next three years.

He narrated that the government would overcome energy crisis as it had developed an effective mechanism to overcome electricity theft. He said that it would steer the country out of energy crisis.

He also urged the masses to give up unnecessary use of electricity and lend a sharing hand of cooperation to government for ending the power loadshedding. He asked the people to cooperate with the government and refrain from damaging national property during demonstration as the protection of national property was a moral duty of every man in the country.

Later, talking to the media, Hamid narrated that getting rid of the worst energy crisis was not an easy task, as the crisis had grown up by the former rulers in years and now also years were required to overcome the menace. He said that it will take time to end the persisting energy crisis despite the PML-N government had started work on emergency ground to give the maximum relief to the energy crisis beaten people. MPAs Ch Munawar Ali Gill, Rana Liaqat Ali, AC Pasrur Touqeer Ilyas Cheema and Khawaja Saeed Butt were also present.