It is a sobering situation that there is no training institute for our politicians unlike the PMA and Civil Service Academy for civil and military officers which results in leaders who are ill-informed and lack any proper training to take up such important seats. The former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani once said that Kalabagh dam had been a victim of politics. It is a mind-boggling that our provincial biased politicians could not agree on construction of a mega-hydroelectric dam like Kalabagh to provide dirt cheap power and 6.1 MAF water for irrigating our parched lands. The country is at the brink on annihilation and starvation because of few self-serving politicians, are they being held answerable for their unpatriotic actions?

All this stems from poor educational background of our benefited politicians that fail to see the benefits of a hydro-electric dam. One provincial Chief Minister is on record saying that ‘degree is a degree whether genuine or fake’. This epitomises the calibre of our politicians that shape the destiny of the nation. If the matter of Kalabagh dam had been entrusted to Pakistan Engineering Congress or FWO, the dam would have been built decades ago.

In China, decisions are made by technocrats that built three large dams to generate 18,600 MW of power while our leaders bicker over a dam to generate 3600 MW and store ample irrigation water. Alas our destiny is in the hands of the blind.


Lahore, September 4.